Get Customer Suggestions and Feedback on Ways to Improve

Listen to your customer, but make it the right one. When a new place opens, everyone will come and have their own opinion to share. Listen to them all, but be aware of those that are coming from your targeted market, and those that are from people who you may not be particularly concerned about. […]

Double Check the Composition and Presentation of all Menu Items

With the construction, design and decor complete, it’s time to put your attention on your core products, and how they will be made, presented and served to deliver an exceptional experience for customers. As the owner, you will only need to check, taste and comment on what your bar manager, bartenders and service staff present. […]

Test Everything Out By Doing a Trial Run before Opening Up

With so many things involved in setting up a nightclub, it is tricky to have every little detail covered from the outset. This is why a trial run is always useful in highlighting key areas that may have been overlooked. Here are some of the main benefits of doing a test run of your operations […]

Teach Everyone to Use the Point of Sale System Properly

The Point of Sale System (POS) in a bar, club and most F&B businesses is the central source that connects the front of house team with the bar, kitchen, and any other unit that is involved in producing and delivering the products ordered to the service staff. Although they are getting simpler and more intuitive, […]

Ensure Every Member of the Team is Adequately Trained

Every member of the team needs to be trained, retrained and indoctrinated with what the club, concept and brand is all about. This is an ongoing process that needs to be continually drummed into the management and staff. Don’t give one briefing with a boring monologue and expect people to ‘get it’, as they won’t. […]

Confirm Operational Procedures for every Part of the Business

Anything that can go wrong in the nightclub’s operations normally tends to, unless a shrewd and experienced management has prepared their team to avoid the many pitfalls associated with the industry. When you go to a club and see everything flowing seamlessly, you may get the impression that it’s a fairly easy business to operate, […]

Create an Effective Marketing Plan to Promote the Club

A club’s marketing strategies are always evolving. They should be worked on from the very beginning together with the concept, and continually refined throughout the life of the business. Before opening, there needs to be a lot of preparation for the first few ‘honeymoon’ months when the place is new and hopefully the hottest place […]

Try to Negotiate for Good Payment and other Contract Terms

To help in a club’s financial management, you should always try to negotiate for beneficial payment terms whenever it’s possible. Bars and nightclubs are a cash business where you have very few creditors, unless you’re silly enough to let people run up a bar tab (which you generally shouldn’t do). At the same time, you […]